Intramedullary Nail Manufacturer

We manufacture and export an best quality variety of Intramedullary Nail that is known for erosion impervious appearance and strong completion standards. We have increased huge notoriety by offering exceptionally requested Intramedullary Nails. We use HCM Orthocare Pvt. Ltd. iall of the long nails for strong interface among nail and bone, and stable obsession even in helpless bone quality. Look over our changed measurements and lengths accessible to coordinate the life structures of different patients.Broadly utilized in the Orthopedic Surgery, these nails take into account the differing prerequisites of bone obsession measures.



Radius Intramedullary Nail

However, the utilization of Radius intramedullary nail has the hypothetical preferred position of utilizing shut addition techniques, with decline delicate tissue interruption and safeguarding of extra medullary vascular flexibly. The new and distinctive plan interlocking intramedullary nails in the careful treatment of lower arm breaks have been calculated and manufactured by HCM.

Humeral Intramedullary Nail

The humeral intramedullary nail is manufactured mostly to treat the humerus i.e. a long bone in the arms which is connected from shoulder to elbow. These nail helps in improving the healing of the fracture in proximal humeral structure. Over the years, the intramedullary nail fixation has achieved a significant acceptance as a convenient treatment instead of using the plates. Basically, the nail is inserted in the cavity of bone to provide a solid support to the damaged or fractured bone. Mainly, they are suitable for treating the pathologic humeral diaphyseal fractures. We manufacture the humeral intramedullary nail with authentic quality of stainless steel and titanium alloys by our experts. The nails are quality checked to offer top quality nails to the medial sector. We are the exporter and supplier of the humeral intramedullary nail and other orthopedic implants in the industry.

Femoral Interlocking Nail

The femoral interlocking nail is specified for use in the treatment of comminuted breaks, segmental cracks, breaks with bone misfortune, proximal and distal breaks and intertrochanteric fractures. We give nails in various lengths and measurement. We make bone screws, locking plates, Spinal Hook & Spine Implant, Anterior Cervical Plate, etc. Femoral Nail is envisioned for differed use. A single nail can be utilized for both right and left standard interlocking methodology. The Femoral Nail is accessible in the most normally utilized sizes.



Trochanteric Femoral Nail

The Trochanteric femoral nail is designed for treating the fractured bones of hips especially for elderly. An extensive range of orthopedic implants such as hip screw, Trochanteric femoral nail, locking plates, bone plates for various surgeries are presented by our professionals. The Trochanteric femoral nail is the most simple and convenient method for faster recovery of the fractured bones of hips. These femoral nail improves the stability of the bones and reduce the complications. It also promotes the rate of recovery of the fractured bones. We are one of the leading manufacturers of the trochanteric femoral nails for the medical industry. The Trochanteric femoral nails are generally made up of titanium alloy. All the orthopedic implants are manufactured with high grade quality materials. We have served many medical sectors with our wide range of orthopedic instruments.

Proximal Femoral Nail

The proximal femoral nail is used to treat the fractured bones of the hip bones. As this method has a low complication rate, it is widely appreciated in the medical sectors for the recovery of the hip bone fractures. Various sizes and designs of the proximal femoral nail are manufactured by our experts using reliable techniques to provide top quality screws, plates and nails for the bone surgeries. The proximal femoral nail is usually fabricated from stainless steel and titanium alloys. Proximal femoral nail is suitable solution for the fixation of diaphyseal fractures as it improves rotational stability and decreases the chances of complications and excess surgeries. We are one of the primary manufacturers of the proximal femoral nail and other orthopedic implants in the industry. Moreover, we are engaged in exporting the proximal femoral nail in various parts of the world.

Syrus Femur Nail

Femur Nail Backed by the rich trade experience we are able to manufacture, exports, distribute and supply a range of Syrus Femur Nail in Ahmedabad Gujarat India. It is specified for use in treatment of the shut and open femoral diaphyseal fractures, sub-trochanteric breaks, pathologic breaks and remedial osteotomies and callus distractions. All these items are created utilizing subjective crude material that is acquired from the reliable merchants of the market.